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Cocktail Party

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Fun, Opulence, Unique and Exciting! This is how a great cocktail party should be organised. That’s why at Curated Catering, we do everything to build the ambience and rendering a fabulous event while you appease your senses and get placid.

Curated Catering world-class catering services, a delightful range of cocktails and an impressive selection of stylish and contemporary flavours give you the perfect chance to relax and relish the celebrations. Our Clients always relies on our services and are always confident that every last minute and minutest details shall be taken care of.

The light smooth cocktails served in style, that make your own personal favourites, symbolizing the most preferred and trusted brand are a perfect choice to serve your guests producing a more distinct and shimmering effect to your party. Team Curated Catering understands the importance of good choices for your guests, what may be enticing and allured by all and are universal to most tastes.

Some cocktails examples like Mojito, Margarita, Moscow mule, Pina colada, negroni, Sangria, Tequilla sunrise, Daiquiri, Mai tai, bellini etc makes the party more enjoyable, entertaining and memorable.

Our Team has a passion for bringing out the best-in-class cocktail experience. To book or inquire about catering service for a cocktail party, contact us at 9818026483

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