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Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

Our corporate catering services is ready for business. Breakfast for the early birds, brain food for your boardroom meetings, impressive fine dining for your director’s lunches or if you are planning VIP corporate hospitality for a product launch or promotional events, we have options for you. We can provide the whole package, or just the food and beverages.

We know you are busy people. This is why we spend our days dreaming up corporate packages that go beyond the usual lifeless sandwiches and crisps at the boardroom table.

Our business packages include appetizers, main course, desserts, live counters, bakery treats & variety of salads. Our packed thalis, signature food boxes can be delivered to your boardroom, or even to your choice of event.

At Curated Catering, our corporate catering service is famous for delivering the most diverse and creative food options using quality, nutritious and seasonal produce, at the same time working to your set budgets.

So Why Curated Catering for Corporate Events?

Delicious food with elegant presentation is what we believed in for our corporate clients. We maintain high standards of quality & hygiene while serving our corporate clients & ensure they cherish every bite with a great satisfaction. We have served at numerous corporate events like, Annual Conferences, Boardroom Meetings, Corporate Festival Parties, Reward & Recognition Parties, New Employee Orientation Reception & Product Launches.

When you choose Curated Catering you can expect?

Creative, Innovative, Fresh & Seasonal menus – We have an eclectic range of food presentations and we pride ourselves on our seasonal catering menus that are made fresh with the shortest time from source to plate.

Passion, Enthusiasm & Generosity – We love food just as much as the next person and our passion for cooking and cuisine certainly comes across in our menus. Food brings us joy and we want it to do the same for you, so our portions are generous, and our food is flavoursome. We believe food should be enjoyed; our portions are generous and our food is well-seasoned and big on flavour.

Simple, Modest, No-nonsense Delivery & Service – Our food is beautifully presented but we don’t go over the top. Sometimes less is more and we believe it’s all about the taste.

Flexible & Diverse Catering – We love to get creative here at Curated Catering By Design and we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting ideas and concepts. We’re continuously adapting and shaping our menus to keep up with what’s current and to bring to life our client’s vision.

A Green Approach – The environment is very important to us and is why we create a lot of our culinary arrangements using natural or non-plastic products. We don’t let anything go to waste, if there is a way to turn it into something beautiful then we will put it to good use.

Quality & Hygiene At Curated Catering we maintain high standards of quality & hygiene while serving your esteemed guests.

We specialize in managing short-notice corporate events in Noida, Delhi NCR, and Gurgaon

Read below for some pointers on why you should choose us:

Our priority is to make your special day more special and value for money.
Classic Food Choices: Make sure your attendees find something to eat they’ll love with a twist.
COST-EFFECTIVE MEAL PLANNING: Choose us and we’ll make sure everyone leaves satisfied. We can also help you narrow down your estimated number of guests.
EXPERT HANDLING HELP: We promise to reduce the risk of undercooked food, cross-contamination, and other food issues. Hiring us is like working with a professional!

Our team is well-trained to understand the wishes of our clients regarding their events and serve them to their optimum satisfaction.

A corporate event is of utmost importance for your company and we take care of the minutest details and ensure that it lives up to your expectations. Whether it is a conference, board meeting, award ceremony, new product launch, trade fest, or exhibition, we serve the right kind of food keeping in mind the profile of your delegates. We also provide lunch service to the corporate sector.

Our Corporate Catering Services:

When it comes to creating a corporate event, we aren’t short of ideas. We’re not only famed for our culinary expertise but we’re also event management specialists and can take care of everything you need for your big or small corporate event.

Here’s a full list of all the corporate catering services we provide:

  • Catering Packages
  • Variety of Breakfast
  • Variety of Finger Food
  • Buffet Arrangements
  • Variety of Mocktails, Shakes & Smoothies
  • Exclusive Live Counters
  • Barbecue Arrangements
  • Packed Thalis
  • Snacks Boxes
  • Corporate Hi Tea Packages
  • Bakery Treats
  • Customized Corporate Cakes
  • Lighting & AV Arrangements
  • Tenting & Decorations
  • Floristry (Flower Arrangements)
  • Designer Crockery & Cutlery
  • Serving Team

What’s next?

If your taste buds are tingling and you want to find out more about our corporate catering services, it’s about time you got in touch.

For more information, you can go through our website and take a look at some of our previous client testimonials to see what lovely things they’ve said about us

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