(Falafel are patties made of soaked chickpeas blended with herbs, spices & deep fried packed in pita pockets & served with hummus which is made of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon & spices)

(Batter fried spinach leaf loaded with sweet curd, tamarind & mint chutney and then topped with fruits, chaat masala

(Mini sliders filled with chickpea patty, cheese & served with Sriracha Aioli)

(Delicious sandwich made up of Slice cucumber, Amul cheese, salt, pepper and cream cheese)

(Lavash & Nachos served with assorted dips

(Chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic, fresh basil, parmesan in olive oil & served on garlic croutons)

(Rice flour sheet rolled & filled with cheese, spice, deep fried and served with sweet chilli dip)

(Mishti dahi, tamarind chutney & crispy thin strands of gram flour)

(Crunchy, bread crumb coated, deep fried paneer cubes served with mint relish)

(A French tart of pastry crust & filled up with cheese & vegetables, can be served hot & cold)

(Marinated paneer fingers, rolled in crushed papad and deep-fried, served with mint relish)

(Minced soya chunks, chickpeas mixed with herbs & spices & served in tart shells with mint relish)

(Soft pastry puffs filled with corn & mushrooms)

(Small pizza slices roasted & covered with cheese & vegetable toppings)

(Blend of shredded cheese, and herbs or spices, moulded into a sphere, rolled in ground nuts & fried)

(Button mushrooms stuffed with aromatic, achari blend of spices & fried)

(Spinach, green peas, coriander patties served with green chutney) Peas & saunth filling)

(Mini kachori’s filled with potato, mint chutney & saunth)

(Sandwich of breads filled with cheese, veggies, mayo & herbs)

(Small size samosa filled with boiled potatoes, peas & spices)

(Sandwich of breads filled with lots of veggies, mayo & herbs)

(Mashed veggies patty covered with batter & deep fried)

(Made with a fermented batter derived from rice, ground urad dal and chickpea flour)

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