• (Cottage cheese marinated with rich cream & Indian spices)

    (Button mushrooms stuffed with aromatic, achari blend of spices & fried)

    (Rice flour sheet rolled & filled with cheese, spice, deep fried and served with sweet chilli dip)

    (Batter fried spinach leaf loaded with sweet curd, tamarind & mint chutney and then topped with fruits, chaat masala)

    (Mini sliders filled with chickpea patty, cheese & served with Sriracha Aioli)

    (Cottage cheese marinated with rich cream, pickle & Indian spices)

    (Minced soya chunks, chickpeas mixed with herbs & spices & served in tart shells with mint relish)

    (Paneer and veggies wrapped in spring roll sheet and deep fried)

    (Blend of shredded cheese, and herbs or spices, moulded into a sphere, rolled in ground nuts & fried)

    (Crunchy, bread crumb coated, deep fried paneer cubes served with mint relish)

    (Mishti dahi, tamarind chutney & crispy thin strands of gram flour)

    (Spinach, green peas, coriander patties served with green chutney) Peas & saunth filling)

    (Marinated paneer fingers, rolled in crushed papad and deep-fried, served with mint relish)

    (Potato cubes shallow fried with spices, herbs & basil)

    (Diced soya chap marinated with Indian spices & herbs finished in clay oven & served with mayo and green chutney)

    (Mini kachori’s filled with potato, mint chutney & saunth)

    (Mixed vegetables dumplings tossed in chilli and Chinese soy sauce)

    (Small size samosa filled with boiled potatoes, peas & spices)

    (Cottage cheese cubes in gravy made with butter, tomatoes and cashews)

    (Famous North Indian dish made up of Cottage cheese cubes, bell peppers onions, tomatoes & spices)

    (Cottage cheese cubes in gravy made with onion, tomatoes, cashews & grated paneer)

    (Spicy, flavourful & delicious dish made by cooking paneer & bell pepper in Indian herbs & spices)

    (Delicious North Indian dish made up of cottage cheese, fresh peas & spices)

    (Rich & creamy curry made up of paneer)

    (Black lentil simmered on light flame overnight & cooked in tomato, onion paste & topped with butter)

    (A Dry preparation of pulse, tossed in a tempered mixture of spices)

    (Indian Preparation of Cauliflower with Laccha Ginger)

    (A white gram delicacy – cooked to perfection with garam masala)

    (Mix veg. curry is made by cooking a mixture of vegetables in tomato onion gravy)

    (Crispy lady finger with all Indian grounded herbs & spices)

    (Soft Jackfruit pieces fried & then cooked in gravy made up of rich spices, onions, and tomatoes)

    (Flour Dumplings in Yoghurt Gravy)

    (Creamy, delicious & rich korma made with different varieties of fruits, nuts & veggies)

    (Fine preparation of Kidney Beans in thick gravy)

    (Semi-dry side dish recipe which is a blend of many vegetables)

    ((Potato paneer balls served with a flavourful, creamy and delicious curry.)

    (Spicy and delish is this Kashmiri Dum Aloo where baby potatoes are simmered (dum cooked) in a spicy curd (yogurt) based gravy or sauce)

    (Served with Gur. & White butter)

    •  Peas Pulao
    • Veg. Biryani 
    •  Jeera Rice
    • Veg. Pulao
    • Steam rice

    • Mix Veg. Raita
    •  Cucumber Raita 
    • Boondi Raita
    • Mint Raita
    • Dahi Bhalla

    • Tandoori roti
    • Naan 
    •  Lachha Patantha
    • Missi Roti 
    • Makki ki Roti

    (Onion, cucumber and tomato roundels with our special chat masala)

    (Easy, tasty & healthy salad made with sprouts, cucumber, onion)

    (Boiled potatoes cut in small size tossed with matar in Indian spices & lemon juice)

    (Potatoes, green peas, carrots, beans in mayo dressing)

    (Cooked macaroni, carrot, peas, celery, green pepper and onion in mayo vinegar, sugar, mustard salt pepper dressing)

    • Kesri Gulab Jamun
    • Moong Dal Halwa 
    • Rasgulla
    • Malpua
    • Gajar Ka Halwa
    • Pineapple Upside Down
    • Tilla kulfi (Rabri or Paan or Mango) 
    • Chocolate Brownie
    • Walnut Cake Slice
    • Apple Crumble

    • Crockery & Cutlery 
    • Serving Waiter
    • Live Tandoor
    • Chafing dishes

  •  Soft Drinks
  • Packaged Water Bottles – 200 ml