(Cottage cheese marinated with rich cream & Indian spices)

(Button mushrooms stuffed with aromatic, achari blend of spices & fried)

(Rice flour sheet rolled & filled with cheese, spice, deep fried and served with sweet chilli dip)

(Batter fried spinach leaf loaded with sweet curd, tamarind & mint chutney and then topped with fruits, chaat masala)

(Mini sliders filled with chickpea patty, cheese & served with Sriracha Aioli)

(Cottage cheese marinated with rich cream, pickle & Indian spices)

(Minced soya chunks, chickpeas mixed with herbs & spices & served in tart shells with mint relish)

(Paneer and veggies wrapped in spring roll sheet and deep fried)

(Blend of shredded cheese, and herbs or spices, moulded into a sphere, rolled in ground nuts & fried)

(Crunchy, bread crumb coated, deep fried paneer cubes served with mint relish)

(Mishti dahi, tamarind chutney & crispy thin strands of gram flour)

(Spinach, green peas, coriander patties served with green chutney) Peas & saunth filling)

(Marinated paneer fingers, rolled in crushed papad and deep-fried, served with mint relish)

(Potato cubes shallow fried with spices, herbs & basil)

(Diced soya chap marinated with Indian spices & herbs finished in clay oven & served with mayo and green chutney)

(Mini kachori’s filled with potato, mint chutney & saunth)

(Mixed vegetables dumplings tossed in chilli and Chinese soy sauce)

(Small size samosa filled with boiled potatoes, peas & spices)

(Breaded, cheese filled chicken seekh, deep-fried and served with Sriracha aioli)

(Juicy & soft chicken pieces marinated in Peri Peri sauce & other seasoning & grilled)

(Rice flour sheet rolled & filled with minced chicken, spice, deep fried and served with sweet chilli dip)

(A sweet, spicy & slightly sour crispy appetizer made with chicken, bell peppers, garlic, chili & soya sauce)

(Thyme and basil marinated chicken served on garlic crouton)

(Mini sliders filled with chicken patty, cheese & served with mint relish)

(Finely marinated in a smooth yogurt prepared with a variety of flavour’s, mint, rich sauces, margarine-based curries, and seasoning operators.)

(Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and achaari masala and shallow-fried)

(Tender chicken pieces marinated in yogurt, herb & Indian spices mix & Grilled to perfection)

(Mince chicken, onion with a blend of spices & cooked over charcoal fire)

(Succulent minced chicken/lamb with chana daal with spicy masala filling inside and crispy fried on the outside)

(Mutton and matar keema with aloo bhaji crust)

(Panko crumbed mutton seekh kebab served with Japanese mayo)

(Anardana flavoured mutton seekh served with mint chutney)

(Mutton mince tart with mint relish)

(Succulent pieces of fish deep-fried and tossed in chili and garlic finished with spring onion)

(Overnight peri peri chili marinated fish finished on the grill)

(Fish pieces cut in the shape of fingers, marinated with tongue tingling spices, coated with flour & then deep fried)

(Batter fried fish served with tartare sauce)

(Black lentil simmered on light flame overnight & cooked in tomato, onion paste & topped with butter)

(A Dry preparation of pulse, tossed in a tempered mixture of spices)

(Cottage cheese cubes in gravy made with butter, tomatoes and cashews)

(Famous North Indian dish made up of Cottage cheese cubes, bell peppers onions, tomatoes & spices)

(Cottage cheese cubes in gravy made with onion, tomatoes, cashews & grated paneer)

(Rich & creamy curry made up of paneer)

(Indian Preparation of Cauliflower with Laccha Ginger)

(A white gram delicacy – cooked to perfection with garam masala)

(Mix veg. curry is made by cooking a mixture of vegetables in tomato onion gravy)

(Crispy lady finger with all Indian grounded herbs & spices)

(Soft Jackfruit pieces fried & then cooked in gravy made up of rich spices, onions, and tomatoes)

(Flour Dumplings in Yoghurt Gravy)

(Creamy, delicious & rich korma made with different varieties of fruits, nuts & veggies)

(Fine preparation of Kidney Beans in thick gravy)

(Semi-dry side dish recipe which is a blend of many vegetables)

((Potato paneer balls served with a flavourful, creamy and delicious curry.)

(Spicy and delish is this Kashmiri Dum Aloo where baby potatoes are simmered (dum cooked) in a spicy curd (yogurt) based gravy or sauce)

(Served with Gur. & White butter)

(Famous Indian Curry of Soft, juicy, marinated chicken in a spiced tomato, butter & cream sauce)

(Perfect Mughlai dish of soft chicken pieces marinated overnight & cooked in rich tomato, onion-based gravy)

(Soft, Juicy marinated chicken pieces cooked in clay pot with cashew & curd based gravy)

(A delicious, spicy & flavorful dish made with chicken, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic & fresh ground spices known as kadai masala)

(Soft & tender chunks of mutton in Indian style spiced onion tomato gravy)

(Kashmiri style mutton curry made with spices like fennel seeds & dry ginger, loaded with yummy flavours

(Made by slow cooking mutton along with yogurt & whole spices)

(Awadhi speciality of succulent pieces of mutton on the bone cooked in mustard oil and besan gravy)

 Peas Pulao
Veg. Biryani 
 Jeera Rice
Veg. Pulao
Steam rice

Mix Veg. Raita
 Cucumber Raita 
Boondi Raita
Mint Raita
Dahi Bhalla

Tandoori roti
 Lachha Patantha
Missi Roti 
Makki ki Roti

(Onion, cucumber and tomato roundels with our special chat masala)

(Easy, tasty & healthy salad made with sprouts, cucumber, onion)

(Boiled potatoes cut in small size tossed with matar in Indian spices & lemon juice)

(Potatoes, green peas, carrots, beans in mayo dressing)

(Cooked macaroni, carrot, peas, celery, green pepper and onion in mayo vinegar, sugar, mustard salt pepper dressing)

Kesri Gulab Jamun
Moong Dal Halwa 
Gajar Ka Halwa
Pineapple Upside Down
Tilla kulfi (Rabri or Paan or Mango) 
Chocolate Brownie
Walnut Cake Slice
Apple Crumble

Crockery & Cutlery 

Serving Waiter

Live Tandoor

Chafing dishes

 Soft Drinks

Packaged Water Bottles – 200 ml